Q: "Are you frustrated and weary...
Spending your precious time meeting I.R.D. tax requirements?"

A: "Let us reduce your workload and stress levels by taking the tedious tasks of bookwork and tax return preparation off your hands".

Take advantage of our value for money service with free initial appointment.
We can provide for all of your personal and business accounting needs. With extensive experience in New Zealand taxation, we look out for your interests with a professional, thorough, and yet affordable service.

Our services cover the preparation of annual accounts, G.S.T., F. B.T., P.A.Y.E., and income tax returns. Specialising in small to medium sized business, including: rental properties, builders and related trades, real estate and commission agents, orchardists, professionals, home businesses, couriers, investment and financial services.

Connie McLeod

17 Upland Street, Bellevue [ P.O. Box 6065 ]
Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, NEW ZEALAND
Phone: (07)-570-3496
Fax: (07)-570-3497
Mobile: (025)-221-6504

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